Cleaning screens in hydroelectric power plants

Cleaning screens in hydroelectric power plants is one of many services offered by our company. We specialize in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of hydrotechnical structures such as dams, weirs, harbors, culverts, and retention basins. Our services encompass a comprehensive approach to every task, from design, through execution, to the delivery of a completed structure.

Cleaning screens in hydroelectric power plants is a process that requires specialized knowledge and experience. It is a crucial task for the safety and efficiency of hydroelectric power plants, aimed at removing contaminants such as branches, leaves, algae, and other foreign objects that can affect the operation of turbines. Uncleaned screens can cause an increase in hydraulic resistance, resulting in reduced efficiency and, in extreme cases, failure.

Our company offers comprehensive cleaning services for screens in hydroelectric power plants, utilizing a variety of methods. To remove contaminants, we use, among other things, water pumps, specialized cutting tools, and high-pressure washing. The choice of method depends on the degree of contamination and the specifics of each individual structure.

Our employees possess the necessary training and certifications, allowing us to effectively and safely perform our services. We ensure complete safety and environmental protection. By using our services, clients receive comprehensive solutions tailored to their individual needs.

It is worth noting that our offer is not limited to cleaning screens in hydroelectric power plants. We also offer renovation, modernization, and maintenance of electro-energetic devices, as well as the design and construction of hydroelectric power plants. The work we perform is always comprehensive and professional, and our teams are made up of highly qualified employees.

We encourage you to take advantage of our services and guarantee a comprehensive approach to every task, as well as timely and effective execution of services. Our company is a guarantee of quality, safety, and reliability.