Hydrotechnical demolition works

Hydrotechnical demolition works are an important stage in the process of modernizing, rebuilding, or removing damaged structures. It is a task that requires specialized knowledge and experience, as it is carried out in difficult water conditions, where even the smallest mistake can cause serious damage to the natural environment and people.

Our company provides comprehensive hydrotechnical demolition services. We have modern equipment and specialized tools that allow us to perform the work effectively and safely in the water. Our team consists of experienced specialists who have all the necessary qualifications and certifications.

Our hydrotechnical demolition services include:

• Dismantling of structures – we dismantle concrete, steel, and wooden hydrotechnical elements such as piers, culverts, locks, and canals.

• Demolition – we remove concrete and stone culverts, locks, canals, and other hydrotechnical structures.

• Removal of contaminated materials – if the hydrotechnical structure contains contaminated materials such as oils, gasoline, or paints, we safely remove them from the water and transport them to a waste disposal site.

• Small hydrotechnical works – we also perform smaller works such as repairing minor concrete damage to hydrotechnical structures, sealing cracks and fissures, and installing and dismantling pipelines and pumps.

We ensure full safety and environmental protection during the hydrotechnical demolition works. Before starting the work, we conduct a detailed analysis and planning to ensure their effective and safe execution. All work is carried out in accordance with legal regulations and technical standards.

In summary, hydrotechnical demolition works are a task that requires specialized knowledge and experience. Our company offers comprehensive hydrotechnical demolition services, and our team consists of experienced specialists. We ensure safe and effective execution of the work in compliance with legal regulations and technical standards.