Installation and inspection of Neptun barriers

The Neptun Fish Barrier developed by Procom System is an innovative solution to protect against the ingress of pollutants into water. It consists of flexible but robust modules that provide effective protection for aquatic ecosystems. The installation of this barrier is relatively simple and inspection and maintenance is carried out regularly to ensure its effectiveness and durability.

Before installing the Neptune Type Protection Barriers, it is necessary to carry out a proper geological survey of the bottom of the reservoir in which it will be installed. Then, the layout of the modules must be planned to ensure optimum protection. Once the optimum layout has been determined, the barrier modules are installed using specialised equipment such as pontoons or boats.

The installation of the Neptune Type Safety Barriers is relatively straightforward, but requires skilled professionals with the appropriate equipment. The barrier is stabilised and secured to ensure its strength and resistance to weather conditions. The use of this barrier helps to improve water quality in reservoirs and provides protection for fish.

Inspections of the Neptune Type Barriers are as important as their installation. They should be carried out regularly to ensure their effectiveness and durability. During inspections, specialists check the condition of the modules, stability and fixing, and carry out any repairs and maintenance. Inspection and maintenance of the Neptune Type Fish Barrier is relatively simple and quick, making it convenient to use.

The Neptune Type Fish Barrier developed by Procom System is an innovative solution that significantly improves water quality in tanks and provides protection for fish. Thanks to a flexible yet robust protection system, the barrier modules are able to counteract the ingress of contaminants from the water surface. This solution is becoming increasingly popular, especially among companies and institutions that want to minimise the environmental impact of their operations.

All in all, the Neptune Type Fish Barrier is a simple to install, effective and robust solution for protection against aquatic contaminants.