Underwater cutting of wood and concrete

Underwater cutting is not only a method of cutting steel, but also wood and concrete. In the field of hydraulic engineering and underwater work, underwater cutting of wood and concrete is essential for many projects such as the construction of bridges, dams and other water-related structures. In this article, we will discuss these two methods of underwater cutting.

Underwater timber cutting is the process of cutting through timber that is below the surface of the water. It is a technique used to remove obstructions in a riverbed or harbour to facilitate the transportation of ships. Underwater timber cutting is usually carried out using chainsaws that are powered by special hydraulic pumps. This is a fast and efficient cutting method that minimises wasted time and costs in construction projects.

For underwater concrete cutting, the same technique is used, but requires specialised equipment and machinery. Underwater concrete cutting is particularly important when removing obstructions in the riverbed, such as concrete structures that can cause navigation problems. Similar to timber cutting, chainsaws or diamond saws, which are hydraulically powered, are used to cut underwater concrete.

In both cases, underwater cutting requires the application of specialist knowledge and experience to carry out the process safely and effectively. The specialist must carefully analyse and assess the underwater conditions in order to select the right tools and cutting techniques.

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In summary, underwater cutting of timber and concrete is essential for many water-related construction projects. Our company offers underwater cutting services for timber and concrete, which are carried out with the utmost care and using state-of-the-art tools and technology. If you are interested in our services, please contact us and we will tailor our offer to your needs.