Underwater and hydrotechnical works

Dalba Sp. z o. o. was established to meet the needs of its potential and regular customers. It is a continuation of the Dalba service company, which was established in the 80s of the last century. The founder of FU Dalba, Czesław Krewski – passionate about diving, turned his hobby into performing underwater works. Dalba Service Company successfully cooperates with many companies, which is confirmed by numerous references.

Years of experience
Qualified staff
Working with passion
Highest quality

The scope of work

Construction, repairs, renovations

umocnienia dna1

– laying geotextiles and geotextiles
– laying fascine with stone reinforcement
– laying gabions, concrete slabs
– laying and filling concrete mattresses
– underwater concreting

– construction elements
– wrecks
– bottom reinforcements
– remnants of works performed on the surface


We perform them on various types of hydrotechnical facilities and more, using:

– explosives
– chemical materials
– using hydraulic tools

– welding sheet piling,
– welding of steel structures,
-welding of ship hulls by welding and gluing


– ultra-thermal cutting
– cutting with hydraulic tools
– cutting with the WaterJet cutting method (high pressure water cutting)

Underwater surveys and inventories

Inspections with the possibility of online viewing at a distance as well as at the workplace. We have structured sonar, which allows you to look at the bottom image more broadly

– hydrotechnical facilities
– sheet piling
– pipelines
– watercraft
– the bottom as a whole as well as fragments

For many years we have been cooperating with foundations WWF, MARE i Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin for the Phantom Net Project. We have many years of experience in cleaning and extracting nets and other objects from wrecks lying on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.